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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

IFarming belongs to Global Integrated Solutions Chile SpA, which was established in 2021. We are a unique partner with the ability to offer personalized consulting and training, up-to-date practical advice and technology solutions that help solve biological challenges within the aquaculture industry, both locally and internationally.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the academic and private sector of the Norwegian, Canadian and Chilean aquaculture industry.

We are motivated to contribute to the progress of aquaculture and animal production with our experience and knowledge, capable of promoting improvements in animal health and performance through the optimization of resources in an integral way.

Felipe Reveco Urzúa, DVM, PhD
Founder & CEO


We help aquaculture and animal production optimize process performance resulting in increased production capacity.

Development and research

Big data analytics: KPIs, forecasting, time series analysis

Develop digital solutions

Nutritional and health consulting

Develop and evaluate nutrition and functional feeds

Develop and evaluate nutritional and functional ingredients

Develop and evaluate dietary and feed supplements and additives

Benchmark trial: Planning, designing, and analyzing

Technical support

Knowledge transfer


Aquaculture industry

Aquaculture feed suppliers

Aquaculture feed ingredient suppliers

Aquaculture and animal feed additives companies

Research and development teams

Academic institutions

Meet the team

Felipe Reveco Urzúa

Felipe Reveco Urzúa

Founder & CEO

Dejan Miladinovic

Dejan Miladinovic

Feed Technology / Collaborator

Carlos Orrego Undurraga

Carlos Orrego Undurraga

Technology Director

Carlos Hein

Carlos Hein

Aquafeed & Product Strategy / Collaborator

Mariela Vásquez Guzmán

Mariela Vásquez Guzmán

Aquaculture & Climate Change / Collaborator

Luis Mercado

Luis Mercado

Fish Immunology / Collaborator